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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Revolution at Zero Decibel

In Bihar Vidhan Sabha Elections, 2015, BJP lost to Nitish Kumar because of one important reason: women. In UP Vidhan Sabha Elections, 2017, BJP won by a landslide because of the same reason: women.

Before Bihar elections, Nitish Kumar had promised to women that he would ban alcohol in the state. Women are the biggest victims in our society, especially in the lower class, if their husbands happen to be alcoholics. Their shauqeen husbands waste the hard-earned money at daru ka theka, and make the lives of their wives and other family members miserable. That’s why, on the voting day, women voted for Nitish Kumar on a massive scale even though their male family members were devoted to BJP.

Before UP elections, BJP had promised to ban Triple Talaaq, which seems to have made an impact on Muslim women. These women cannot hope the same from the so-called secular parties whose main strategy is to keep hardliner Muslim community leaders happy so that there is no dent in their Muslim vote bank. It’s being said that lots of Muslim women voted for BJP although their male family members voted against BJP.  We hope BJP works towards banning Triple Talaaq with the same ferocity Nitish Kumar has worked towards banning alcohol.

For me, that’s real woman empowerment. In these two cases, women didn’t try to imitate men and their bad habits to look powerful. They didn’t try to bash up men to prove their own worth. They didn’t make idiotic videos to promote celebrities’ idea of feminism. They silently took their own decision, without seeking any approval from their pati parameshwars and maulana sahibs. This revolution happened silently, and when a revolution takes place silently, it gets more deadly. 

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