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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kagaz Ki Kashti aur Sheila Ki Jawani

We always glorify childhood as a phase in life where we had no worries and we had plenty of freedom. My childhood was good, but I am not able to identify with this poetic glorification.
Let’s start with worries. I had too many worries in my childhood. I had to do lots of homework; I had to bring good marks in exams; and I had the pressure of getting up early because my school started at 7 o’clock in the morning. The performance pressure in school was not less than the pressure in workplace. And there was pressure of looking like a good boy in the neighborhood which was not less horrible.
And now let’s talk about freedom. I had to ask for money even for a small chocolate. I wasn’t supposed to stay outside home after late evening. I had to wear school uniform. I could watch television only for half an hour in a day. I had to be respectful to many relatives and neighbors even though they did everything not to deserve it.
We glorify childhood because we glorify the past. And we glorify the past because our mind tries to retain pleasant memories and discard the unpleasant ones. Compared to my childhood, I feel I have more or less the same amount of worries and freedom although their form has changed. Today I may not have ‘kaagaz ki kashti and barish ka pani’, but I am quite happy with ‘kaagaz ki kitaabein and Sheila ki jawani’.

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