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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Did you cry?

After I saw this movie, the most common question I was asked was, “Hey, did you cry?” Coincidentally, most of those who asked were males

Just imagine the impact of that movie. More or less, almost all of us saw ourselves in Ishan Awasthi. I saw it a little more because I also loved painting and sometimes was forced to pay more attention to studies. I also studied in a boarding (though it was not a part of some punishment) and know the pain of leaving home.

We all are now in our twenties. We are no longer kids and don’t have kids till now. It hardly means the movie doesn’t have any practical relevance to us. Maybe we all should start doing things we actually want to do irrespective of the money it might or might not bring to us.

As Amir says in the movie, “Jeetne ka shauq hai to race course jaao, bachchey paida kyun karte ho?” Better if we don’t live our remaining life as race horses but as Nikumbh inspired Ishan to live.