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Saturday, May 30, 2009


If you are money-minded, join advertising.
Money would always be there in your mind, never in your purse.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inner Beauty

True Delhite


20 girls on every 20,000 guys.
10 out of those 20 girls have put profile pictures of Kareena, Katreena or Ash.
18 of them have written hardly 2-3 sentences with 20-30 grammatical errors, in their profile.
15 of them are 35 plus.
The remaining 2-3 girls, with everything right, last checked their profile 2-3 years ago.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lemon vs. Red Chilli

Early to sleep!

Nights vs. Nights

Men can't fake

Bum Boom 1

My Plans

"Youth" Party

Time's flight!

What's in a name?

Bodybuilder's bum!

Diwash: I got there.

Not everybody likes being caricatured!

Shopaholic Model

Jubz: The Farex Fairy

Arjun's Ray: Shankhamala

Rashmi: What's next?

When'll I talk to you again?

My head is filled with your voice.
I forgot how to rejoice.
Every word you’ve said.
Echoes like a melody.
When’ll I talk to you again?
I talked but a moment ago.

Don’t know what patience means.
Don’t want to know how it helps.
Moments seem like mountains.
Mountains are far on the horizon.
When’ll I talk to you again?
I talked but a moment ago.

I’ll call you just now.
I won’t let my ears wait.
I’ll enjoy the fire again.
I won’t let the burning go down.
When’ll I talk to you again?
I talked but a moment ago.

She has got fair skin!

She can get anybody, she just has to smile.

She can get a new job, she just has to apply.

She gets loads of appreciation, she just has to write.

O ya! She has got fair skin.

When she speaks, the listeners rush in.

When she paints, the critics become quite.

When she asks for help, the hands raise high.

O ya! She has got fair skin.

She shows one talent, people see ten.

She breaks one heart, hundreds get insane.

She cracks one joke, men turn into hen.

O ya! She has got fair skin.

Advertisers' Paradise

I chew a one-rupee chewing gum, and a cute girl falls into my lap.

I use a red toothpaste, and the prettiest one gives me a hungry hug.

I use a deodorant, and I’m hounded by hundreds of semi-nude girls.

God! Is your paradise better than the world the advertising guys have built for me?

Ah! Modern Indians.

They think global.

They purchase Nike.

They speak in English.

They drink Scotch.

They drive Ford.

They study abroad.

They love European intelligent films.

They wear Che t-shirts.

They watch Jay Leno.

They find Gandhi cool.

They hum Dylan.

They think India has a long way to go.

They love Obama.

They hate racism.

They date people from anywhere.

But they marry in the same caste.

Ah, the modern Indians!

Can't believe!

When I close my eyes
I cannot see any dream
You are there with a thousand bolt smile
Can’t believe God made somebody like you.

When I open my eyes
I cannot open my lips
You make me forget if there is anything to say
Can’t believe God made somebody like you.

When I think about you
I cannot ask how
You rule me like nobody ever did
Can’t believe God made somebody like you.


By the time the workaholics realize that a shining career cannot be a substitute for a fulfilling personal life, they are already 40 plus.

It's quite late to unlearn the habits they developed over years of late night work and countless cups of machine coffee. So they start preaching their juniors to inculcate the same habits in the name of passion for work.

After all, nothing makes an unhappy person happier than the sight of an unhappy person?