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Monday, March 29, 2010

I love quoting myself - 3

  1. When people hire sex detectives to test the fidelity of their partners, what are they more insecure about – their partners’ love or their own attractiveness?
  2. There is no game like blame game. You don’t need somebody’s consent to include him as a player, and you can include as many as you wish.
  3. An office in Gurgaon means you reach office at 9:30 am and start working at 9:31 am.
  4.  If you don't want to talk to somebody, save his number.
  5. My new office is strange. The mornings start with a young lady playing Hanuman Chalisa. Non-vegetarians are a minority here. You need a torch to find somebody to smoke with. The canteen serves food which can keep you healthy for 100 years. Leave alone words like motherf***er and sisterf***er, your ears would crave to hear even ‘sala’. It’s peaceful like the Himalayas, without snow and greenery.
  6. Our geography teachers taught that temperature decreases with height in the mesosphere. Boy, does this rule apply to my top-floor flat in summers when there’s a power cut!
  7.  I love my job....till 6:30 pm. 

Why can’t we choose our religion?

Recently I got a chance to visit a church. A friend of mine got me there. I enjoyed myself there. They kept singing songs to praise Christ. Just like we Hindus sing hymns for our gods. During the whole day a question kept coming into my mind. Why am I a Hindu, not a Christian or a Buddhist?

The answer is simple. My parents are Hindu. I didn’t have mush of a choice when it came to choose my religion. It’s interesting since I did have the freedom of choice in other spheres of life. I could choose my friends, my career, my ideology, the city I live in or my spouse. It’s just that I cannot exercise this power to another very important part of my life – religion.           
Although it doesn’t matter what religion I’m following since God is not partial to a particular community or sect (despite what our priests, maulanas and bishops tell us). As long as I walk on the path of truth, I will have true peace and contentment. But different religions offer different ways to reach the same goal. And we all are different from each other. So it’s not necessary that the same path suits every person.
I may be a born Hindu but the path shown by Buddha can suit me more. I am more logic-oriented and it’s difficult for me to have faith in some god, goddess or son of God. Buddha gives me a meditation technique and suggests me to practice it. I walk the path and I realize the truth.
Whereas many people may not find his path very appealing. They would love to have faith in some great soul and would like to realize the truth by being immersed in devotion for him. They may feel attracted to Christ’s way or Hindu’s ‘bhakti marg’.
A person should choose his religion on the basis of what suits his inclination and individual nature. It’s not necessary that his parents’ religion is the best for him.
So, just like we have the choice of choosing the career which suits us, we should also have the choice of religion which is more favorable to us. It will guarantee a greater success on the path of spirituality. And it will also help in eliminating the fights we have in the name of religion. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I love quoting myself - 2

  1. Two hours extra stay in the office, and I start finding life meaningless.
  2. Never judge a book by its reader.
  3. People worry about tomorrow. As if today is not troublesome enough.
  4. When I stopped hearing 'bhaiya' and started hearing bahen****, I opened my eyes. The bus was entering Delhi.
  5. My job gives me both, money and satisfaction. The part which gives me money, doesn't give me satisfaction. The part which gives me satisfaction, doesn't give me money.
  6.  Every single girl has at least one boy in her life obsessing over her. He wants things to go wrong in her life so that she comes to him for emotional support and love.
  7. What is a girl thinking while spending hours in front of a mirror playing with loads of cosmetics? She is thinking, “When will I meet a boy who likes me for my intelligence?”
  8. The mayonnaise sandwich served in snacks is enough to make you feel guilty about the money you spent on a New Delhi-Patna Rajdhani Express ticket. But you feel better when you see just one person per berth – quite unheard of in trains going to Bihar.
  9. If you watch somebody for 5 minutes, you can guess which TV channel God was watching while making him/her. In my case, it was DOORDARSHAN. Yours?
  10. The more I crib about something, the more I miss it when it's gone
  11. Wise people say a person’s happiness lies in himself. They say it to make the situation complex or simple?
  12. When Chetan Bhagat writes from his salesman mind, he disappoints. E.g., A Night @ Call Center, 3 Mistakes of My Life. When he writes from his writer heart, he rocks. E.g., Five Point Someone, 2 States.
  13.  Everybody is emotional. Some are emotional about friends, family and relationships. Others about money, promotion and the cabin in office.
  14. As if other days are not women's day! (On International Women's Day)
  15. The best place to date a girl is an overpriced junk food joint. She may think you’re rich when you shell out lots of money for little food, and if you don’t listen to her stories you can blame it on the noise around.
  16. I cannot do without the insecurity of a non-committed relationship. It keeps me aware, alert and always on toes to give her a better experience than I gave yesterday.