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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love quoting myself - 5

  1. Ours is an update-maniac generation. We update not only software and cellphones, but also our relationships. The old person doesn’t seem so exciting. We update our relationship with a more exciting person. The problem arises when others replace us to update their relationships. Then we start taking depression pills, smoking 50 cigarettes a day and drinking like a fish. 
  2. If you don't have time to fulfil your dreams, you will have plenty of time to fulfil your employer's dreams.
  3. If I cannot change the world, I can create a small world for myself. A world where I can be with myself, my favourite thoughts, my favourite books and my favourite coffee.
  4. Every morning I get one sauna belt SMS ad. Then I look at myself in a mirror and think about the person who thought me as a potential customer.
  5. If only life was as interesting, funny and innovative as the one-liners we read on the Facebook updates.
  6. If whatever you eat tastes damn good, you must have cooked it yourself with a cooking experience of one hour.
  7. A few days back Commonwealth Games were a disaster. Now it's a dazzling success. I still read the Times of India.
  8. Anurag Kashyap makes something like Udaan. His brother Abhinav Kashyap makes something like Dabangg. Similar upbringing, same genes; but such a difference in mental level.
  9. It’s no big deal to find a dedicated wife or girlfriend these days. She would be dedicated to her career, latest fashion, her movie idol or the search for a better guy.
  10. The surest way to get something is to hate it.
  11.  Life is what happens to you while you are busy making your company rich.
  12. First day at a new office. You feel like a police officer posted in a naxalite-hit area.
  13. In all my problems there is one common element: me.
  14. It's amazing to see how branding steals the real meaning of a word. For many people, Zen no longer means a Buddhistic school of philosophy. It means cars, restaurant, beauty products, publishing house and mobile phones.
  15. Work is worship. Only the born rich have the luxury to be athiests.
  16. Love marriage is a dangerous thing. It gives you the freedom to choose but takes away the freedom to blame.
  17. कीचड़ में कमल खिले न खिले, पर जलकुम्भियाँ बड़ी तेज़ी से पनपती हैं