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Friday, August 18, 2006

Life versus Livelihood

I remember the famous lines by Gulazar in an Amol Palekar movie-
“Ek akela is shahar me, raat me aur dopahar me
Aab-o-dana dhoondhta hai, aashiyana dhoondhta hai…”

Nothing could better express what most of us are going through and rest of us has gone through.

In today’s 24/7 work philosophy we end up working day and night to earn enough to fulfill lots of our needs and a little bit of our greed. Time taken in accumulation of things to live a life makes us miss the life. Especially in private sector, there hardly seems to be a moment we can call our own.

Then there are people who have the capability of sucking ultimate pleasure out of their job and professional ambition. Like a blinkered horse they can’t see anything else or don’t want to see anything else. Result? They end up becoming bosses, powerful enough to impose their lifestyle on others, and looking for somebody who can patiently listen to their "success stories".

But what about those who feel livelihood is for life, not vice versa? They end up writing blogs or doing something else like that to get a momentary relief from this imposed lifestyle which may not have the meaning they are looking for.

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Dhruv Sanghavi said...

Appreciate your concern for the bigger picture in life. However, I must narate a "success story" that more than inspires me.

Shyam Divan is a Supreme Court Lawyer -the youngest senior counsel of the country. He's written a book on environmental law. He drives the latest car, plays squash, cricket, reads about architecture, art, appreciating music, history, politics, English literature, and of course almost every case to come out of important Courts of Law. The man flies down to Mumbai from Delhi over the weekend or for his daughter's evening kiddies' birthday party. He gives Rs. 50,000 to his peon whose house was savaged by the floods in Mumbai, and works for free (and a considerable portion of his time) for environmental cases and for people of a lesser God. None of his work is less than perfect.

The man makes time.. and from what I see in him, one has more time as he/she uses more of it.

Never have I seen such persons complain about not having enough time; it is only people with nothing to do that complain about the lack of it.. sure, they barely use it!