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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Build it first between your ears

I had been trying to do something for a long time. But it was not happening. It was just not happening.

And then, all of a sudden, it started happening. All the closed doors started opening. I didn’t even have to put the key in. When I searched for the reason, after a while, I got it.

Napoleon Hill talks about it in “Think And Grow Rich”. Once you make your mind to do something, your mind starts coming up with a dozen ways to do it. When you are just wishing to do it, somehow it never happens.

It all starts there, the place between your ears. You have to give your desire a concrete form there, before you start working outside. Once it’s built in your mind with a strong resolution, things get easier.

That’s why Hill named his book “Think and Grow Rich”. You have got to think. Think not like a part time philosopher with a cup of tea and sleeping mind. But think like your life depends upon it.

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