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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smoking is nutritious for social life

My office is shifting to Gurgaon. And the question most of the people aren’t tired of asking is: “Shall we have a place where we can smoke and talk?”
Did you pay attention to the question? People aren’t concerned just about smoking, but about smoking and talking.
Well, I don’t smoke. To put it better, I hate smoking. But somehow I envy smokers.
Look at the way they easily make friends. Somebody is going out for a smoke. He needs a lighter. He asks a complete stranger. A good conversation starter!
Then they start talking. Hearts meet. Bonding happens. More people join. And soon there’s a gang of smokers from various offices having a nice time.
Contacts start building up. The friend circle broadens up. The one-and-a-half inch long tobacco roll does its wonder.
And look at the non-smoker. He is standing alone, enjoying the fresh air. The fresh air may do good to his lungs. But smoke may do better things to his social life.

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