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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unique versus Best

Tell me something.

Imagine yourself being a painter. Imagine being a really good painter.

Now imagine yourself being a painter who has got a unique style. A style you discovered and share with nobody else.

Now go to the second part. Imagine yourself being a painter who does the best water colours. There are many others who do water colours, but you are just a little too good.
Which one excites you more: being unique or being the best?

If being a painter sounds a little difficult to you, shift this question to anything else you are good at. Music, writing, your expertise at office work or whatever.
If you ask me, I would love to be unique.

First, there is no competition in being unique. If somebody tries to copy you, still you’d be the first one to having reached there. There is a constant fear in being the best. The second best might be eyeing your position and can replace you anytime.

Second, I think there’s more innovativeness in being unique. It takes more originality to develop your own style than being better than others in a particular style.

We should find our way. No wise man ever suggested finding other’s way and becoming better than him. God designed unique fingerprints for all of us. He never designed the best fingerprint for anybody.

He makes sense, doesn’t He?

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Rashmi said...

Nice Thought...I agree to it