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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What’s so glorifying about drinking and smoking?

“Hey, you don’t take drinks! What would you have then - mango juice, lemon water, milk….khee, khee, khee, khee!”

Well, if you don’t drink and go to a party, I guarantee you’d meet at least one gentleman, smelling like booze and cracking this joke.

But why does he come up with such jokes? After all, booze is not just a drink like the other ones. It’s a quick, sure-shot certificate of masculinity. Take a sip, and you turn macho into the eyes of the other drinking ones.

I wonder if it has to do anything with the Biological findings. They say drinking increases your desire for sex, but harms the ability to do it. Then why attach it with manliness!

Same for cigarettes. Decades ago, some advertising copywriter in New York was working on Marlboro cigarettes. He figured out that if he shows some cowboy with a fag between his lips, the sales would increase. They did, drastically.

Since then millions have been smoking under the notion that it makes them look more macho in the eyes of the fair sex. Well, it may make them look macho and it may not. Mainly depends upon the I.Q. level of the lady they are trying to attract.

What they forget is that this straight cigarette may harm their ability to keep it straight when the opportunity comes.

Now, who says stupidity is a forte of men only? There are, and will always be, women who think they can be better than men by copying them. So they have started drinking and smoking. If these things can turn men into real men, they can turn women into real women too. Can’t they?

Then there are the more enthusiastic ones. They have started overdoing it. And they look really cool, sexy and confident (to some people) when they are in their 20s or mid 30s. But after that things turn a little sad. The same people would say they look frustrated, bitchy, lonely and blah blah blah.

Down the line, anybody who believes in common sense might think what’s so cool about pumping alcohol and tobacco into your body. What’s so intelligent about replacing hemoglobin with booze and smoke in your veins?

I have no idea. Maybe Albert Einstein has. He said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

I think one should drink or smoke according to his choice. It’s cool. But it’s not cool to associate them with things they work against. And it’s also not cool to make fun of those who choose not to drink or smoke.

Smoking and drinking don’t make anybody smarter or cooler. So why be in such a fancy!

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