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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The King of Hardships

No, no, no! I’m not going to talk about losing your family in an earthquake, getting rejected by your heartthrob or having some philosophical dilemma.

The king of all hardships is much easily available to everybody who wants it. It’s more subtle and hurts the softest corner of the heart.

Well, to break the suspense, it is all about the pain which comes from seeing others happy and successful.

I read the most profound line on this great truth in an auto: “Loag apne dukh se utnaa dukhee nahin hain jitna dusro ke sukh se.”

Just look at the pain and frustration of people who want something but find others getting it. Can there be something more agonizing that?

Then to compensate that, they tend to backbite, malign and make sarcastic remarks at the person who made them feel so. It makes them to be at peace with them. They get the satisfaction that they have tried their level best to bring that person down to their level.

Actually, you’re not truly successful yet if you are getting accolades and appreciation. The true success comes when people start taking potshots at you.

As the cliché goes, nobody kicks a dead dog.

Every kind of success can bring this pain in others. But being successful in career, earning lots of money and being popular with the opposite sex do wonder..

So, good luck for getting the optimum success. Even if it creates a calamity in others’ lives.

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