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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Worst Nightmare

I’m not talking about those who have a battalion of family members and servants to live with. I’m also not talking about those who have at least one person to live with.

I’m talking about those who live alone, with no friend or relative living within the circle of 10 miles.

I’m talking about their worst nightmare.

Just imagine your body aching with fever. You don’t have enough strength to get up and take a glass of water from the table, leave alone going outside and getting food or medicine.

How helpless would you feel? Your situation is getting worse and worse, with no respite available nearby.

I’ve gone through this situation twice.

And I feel everyone should go through this situation at least once in his life. No, I’m not being sadistic, nor do I want others to face what I’ve faced.

I’m saying this because it’s a good learning experience. We learn how helpless and alone we actually are. Our ego gets dismantled in that short period of time.

We understand one more facet of life. We understand pain.

When we become healthy again, we get up stronger. As Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

See, even the worst nightmare has got things to teach us.

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