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Monday, July 09, 2007

When I feel my best

Some get it when they are drunk. Some get it when they meet their loved ones. And some get it when they are sleeping.

But I get my best and most pleasant feeling when I’m improving myself.

When I’m reading some self-help book or listening to such kind of audio course, I feel optimistic about future. I think tomorrow I’m going to be better than today. And since I’m going to be better, I’m going to have a better life.

Like many others, I started off on this journey with Dale Carnegie books. They are still my favourites. I keep going back to them from time to time.

Now the arena has got much wider. Thanks to the torrent downloads, I can get the best books and courses on this topic completely free of cost.

Recently I had been concentrating on Creative Visualization. I read the famous book by Shakti Gawain. You can say, it’s one of those ones which can change your life. It asks you to visualize things in your mind. Then the things would come to you anyhow.

I'm also going through some audio materials which are about improving conversational skills. Without fail, each of them talks about listening attentively. Well, I had always read about the virtues of sincere listening, and agreed logically. But I never put into use consciously. In the past one week, I consistently reminded myself that I was going to listen to the person talking to me. Actually I mentally ordered myself to listen again and again. The results are good. Each one was saying that after a long time they have talked to somebody like this. Whoa!

There’s much more to explore to improve myself. Let’s see what I come across next.

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