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Friday, November 26, 2010

Lalu and Rahul

Lalu: How’s your mom?
Rahul: A little upset. But she is doing fine.
Lalu: I can understand.
Rahul: How’s your wife?
Lalu: A little upset. But she is also doing fine.
Rahul: Ya! She got defeated at both places, no.
Lalu: But she was no match for you.
Rahul: What do you mean?
Lalu: You gave rallies at twelve places. Congress lost at each of them.
Rahul: You don’t have to remind me that.
Lalu: Don’t mind, buddy! You started.
Rahul: Anyway, what’s up?
Lalu: Hey, I wanted to tell you that I see myself in you.
Rahul: Don’t say that. I’m still hopeful about my future.
Lalu: Hopeful? So sweet!
Rahul: By the way, why do you see yourself in me?
Lalu: Our working styles are so similar.
Rahul: No way. I can speak in English.
Lalu: I’m talking about the stunts we do.
Rahul: Stunts?
Lalu: Ya! Eating at a Dalit’s place, touching the feet of an old villager etc.
Rahul: I know. Indians love such stuff.
Lalu: I liked the way you spoke about Nitish eating up all funds sent to Bihar by the Central government.
Rahul: I am a good speaker, I guess!
Lalu: And shameless too. Me talking about corruption after fodder scam. You talking about it after CWG, Aadarsh and God knows how many others.
Rahul: It’s not shamelessness. It’s confidence. That’s why girls go gaga over me when I visit some college.
Lalu: Remember they went gaga over Hrithik also. 35,000 marriage proposals. And the flops he gave after that….uff!
Rahul: You demoralizing me?
Lalu: No! Just giving a wake-up call.
Rahul: What wake-up call?
Lalu: Trends say these voters may not fall in love with rehearsed speeches, political stunts and the royal family background anymore.
Rahul: Don’t say that. I’m proud to be from the Nehru-Gandhi family.
Lalu: Remain proud. But not hopeful. People want to see hardcore development nowadays.
Rahul: I don’t like the word ‘development’ from your mouth.
Lalu: Neither do I. But these goddamn voters!
Rahul: Oh! Then I am in deep shit.
Lalu: And me in deep cowdung! Ha ha ha!
Rahul: You are funny. You know that!
Lalu: Actually we both are funny. Better to say, we both look funny.
Rahul: To whom?
Lalu: To these goddamn voters. Ha ha ha!

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