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Monday, November 29, 2010

Salman and Abhishek

Salman: Hey Abhishek, how is she doing?
Abhishek: She is fine.
Salman: Did she watch Dabangg?
Abhishek: I guess she did.
Salman: Did she get nostalgic?
Abhishek: Nostalgic about what?
Salman: About the days when she used to date a real man.
Abhishek: A real man!! Who?
Salman: Forget it.
Abhishek: No, tell me. Are you talking about yourself or Vivek?
Salman: Who you think is the real man?
Abhishek: Can’t say. I watched Raktacharitra and Dabangg. I guess both of you looked like real men.
Salman: Who do you think looks like a real man in real life?
Abhishek: Maybe you. You have killed people in real life too.
Salman: Ha ha ha! I was drunk, man!
Abhishek: Ya, drinking makes some men real.
Salman: Anyway, I was watching the trailer of some patriotic movie you are acting in.
Abhishek: Ya! I thought I should do some meaningful movie.
Salman: Meaningful! Hmm…cool.
Abhishek: You don’t feel like working in such movies?
Salman: No, dude! I prefer working in superhit movies. Just like your papa and wife.
Abhishek: Great choice!
Salman: Don’t mind. You will also give superhit movies some day. On your own…ha ha ha!
Abhishek: So Salman, how is she doing?
Salman: She means who?
Abhishek: Cummon! You asked about the ‘she’ of my life. But you have no clue about the ‘she’ of your life!
Salman: Oh! You mean Katrina.
Abhishek: You got it so fast.
Salman: I don’t know much, dude!
Abhishek: Heard she is dating that young Kapoor.
Salman: Just rumours!
Abhishek: Ya, she would definitely prefer somebody who gives superhit movies.
Salman: Are you being sarcastic?
Abhishek: No. Mad or what? Who wants to get threatening calls?
Salman: Listen. I didn’t threaten anybody. I had called up Vivek to convince him.
Abhishek: Did you try to convince Kapoor also?
Salman: No. He is just a kid.
Abhishek: And you are getting old.
Salman: What do you mean?
Abhishek: Get married. And stop asking questions about others’ wives. Otherwise some day all your ex-girlfriends would be others’ wives. Ha ha ha!

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