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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lalu's worry

Lalu: I am not worried about my defeat.
Nitish: Then?
Lalu: I’m worried about the plight of poor Biharis.
Nitish: How?
Lalu: Now they will have electricity at home. It means children will watch TV, never study.
Nitish: That’s a good point.
Lalu: You will give them employment at the home state. They won’t be able to explore other states and get exposure as migrant labourers.
Nitish: You are genuinely concerned.
Lalu: The worst thing is they will think education degrees bring prosperity better than guns.
Nitish: What a thought!
Lalu: Anyway, the election was unfair.
Nitish: How?
Lalu: No murders, no booth capturing, no goof-ups at the counting of votes. 
Nitish: Does it make the election unfair?
Lalu: Yeah! If election commission’s gunmen can enter the polling booths, why can’t my gunmen?
Nitish: A great logic indeed!
Lalu: You see I know how to make a point.
Nitish: You want re-elections?
Lalu: No.
Nitish: Why?
Lalu: I got 24 seats.
Nitish: Right!
Lalu: Something is better than nothing.

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