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Friday, April 09, 2010

A cigarette between female lips

It was my sister’s wedding and three men were fighting. 
My mama was saying it’s wrong to let women smoke. Point to be noted is that he himself is fond of the white tobacco rolls. I and an old cousin of mine were arguing if something is wrong, it must be equally wrong for both men and women. 
Nowadays this kind of arguments has become more frequent. There is a reason for that. Women have become financially self-independent and they have stopped taking permission from the male bread-earners. They have also started doing things which only males used to do earlier. I don’t know what their intention behind that is. Maybe those women just want to enjoy things which were earlier restricted for them. Or maybe they want to prove to the men that they are not behind any more.
A woman with a cigarette between her lips arouses different emotions in different people. One most common emotion is of repulsion and hate. She must be cheap. The other common emotion is of respect. She is cool, strong and independent-minded. 
I think we should guess a woman’s personality on the basis of something more important and concrete than her smoking preferences. 
And we should also accept that if smoking is wrong, it shouldn’t be wrong only for women. And if it’s right, it shouldn’t be right only for men. 

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