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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Get ready to influence, not be influenced

This book is a lovely read from the first to the last page. But what amused me most was the example of ISKCON.
People from this organization were badly in need of donation. So they started offering flowers to people coming out of airports and railway stations. Then they used the principle of “Reciprocation” and requested those people to donate. After accepting the free gift (in this case, the flower), they were in a moral dilemma and ended up donating money. This strategy was a turning point for the finances of ISKCON.
I have been victimized by the same strategy used by a political party for money. They put a badge on my shirt with a smile, and when I was ready to move they showed the receipt book of donation with a bigger smile.
As I read through the book I couldn’t stop thinking how the six strategies discussed here were unconsciously used by me and used upon me by people.
I feel this book must be read by everybody, not just marketers and businessmen. This book is a series of enlightening experiences. After you finish it, it would be difficult for others to make you fall prey to the universal tactics of persuasion (or manipulation, if you are more blunt). 

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