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Monday, April 12, 2010

It will connect you

 Do you want cancer? Irrespective of whether you want it or not, please think about watching this movie. It has a hilarious start and a gripping storyline. 
A friend of mine strongly recommended me to watch this movie. I call her ‘air hostess’ because she is pretty and very, very well-mannered. So when the air hostess in the movies asks the hero ‘Do you want cancer’, my friend instantly remembered me and laughed. Well, you must watch the movie to discover the air hostess wasn’t offering ‘cancer’. I shouldn’t spoil the fun. 
The movie is about a guy whose job is to fire people by putting anesthetic words into their ears. And he is good at it. The fired people generally leave the chamber with a new enthusiasm as if getting fired was the best thing ever happened to them. 
When I watched theses scenes I had a déjà vu. Don’t our own bosses and the corporate guys use sugary language to make us avoid seeing the harm they are inflicting upon us? The movie shows it in a very funny and realistic way. 
As the storyline progresses, we see our hero going through various experiences and meeting two different women who affect his perspective towards life. But the movie ends on a not-so-happy note. Our hero achieves his professional goal (traveling 10 million miles) but doubts the satisfaction it gives him.  

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